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Welcome to Elite Sarms. We are a Sarms research company dedicated to providing our clients with the highest, most consistent quality research Sarms available, in combination with exceptional assistance to achieve the best results within your research. 


  • Dedicated customer service

    For fast and accurate Sarms assistance to determine your needs

  • superior quality

    All research products sold within our store have a purity of 99% or higher

  • Tested in USA laboratory

    US Analytical Chemists conduct purity and concentration testing to ensure complete product transparency

  • Registered postage & tracking

    Receive live tracking to your doorstep upon ordering for complete peace of mind

  • client satisfaction

    Enjoyed and raved about, our clients enjoy our consistency in product and our highly attentive customer service, unmatched in the sarms arena

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Elite Sarms have discovered Research Compounds that are highly effective in the cosmetic research fields including but not limited to: Fat Burning, Muscle Building, Athletic Performance, Body Re-Composition, Body Repair, Anti-aging and Natural Hormonal Enhancement.


“We are leading global suppliers of Sarms and other research compounds, renowned for our consistency in final product formulation, as well as our helpful content and exceptional customer assistance.


When doing business with Elite Sarms we offer a smooth experience starting from product selection to product delivery and beyond. It’s the comfort of knowing the ES team are here to support you, our clients throughout the entire journey.

"what our clients say about ES"

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I love the results I get with the fast burner stack which usually lasts me anywhere from 3-4 weeks. Increased endurance and better muscle definition as a a drop of 4% body fat so far. I ordered and got my delivery within 24 hours which is also another reason I like these guys.
Michael L
Finally a legit product!
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I have been playing around on & off for 3 years now, was getting back into it when I found out Elite Sarms were supplying again after not being able to source their product. I haven't done the bloods for MK yet, as I am awaiting for the rest of the supplements to kick in, but I definitely feel MK's sides - deeper sleep, strength is back, more leaner, and the appetite is back. Surprisingly quick postage too (don't recall exactly - but was no more than a week for delivery)
Josh Lucero
Fast delivery and affordable
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I've been using EliteSarms since 2017 and all I can say EliteSarms keep improving, exceeding my expectations and providing the best quality of a pure product in the market which results the best possible way to transform your body what ever your body goal is ripped, mass or weight lost. I'm now on my 3rd week of my FastBurn cycle and very noticeable the endurance during cardio work-out and stubborn fat on my belly.
Louis Al-Saleem
Reliable product and delivery
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Another efficient and high quality product received in a very timely fashion from elite sarms ! Thanks 🙂
Matt Baker
Amazing brand and products
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Fantastic product that I have used a number of times over the years! Results delivered every time! Great communication and customer service within the company whenever required. Couldn’t recommend enough.
Moses Paulo
Service Review
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Was handled by a store employee named either josh or James, it said josh on the invoice but James was the one texting me, he was quick and very accommodating. Very good customer service and the products are good quality as well. Will definitely be shopping here for my products in the future.
Great customer service!
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Contacting through online chat was fast and efficient. Got my problems sorted fast 🙂 Was sent the wrong order but was allowed to keep and use what was sent and my order was reshipped quickly. Only been 1 week on sarms but definitely feel more pumped and can rep out higher/more. 🙂🙂
James Hargreaves
Decent results and great service
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Impressed with delivery speed to QLD. 4 weeks in and happy with the results so far. First time trying and I’m loving it. Customer service replied to emails super fast after a delivery problem. And the missing product was delivered next day. Highly recommend.
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Firstly, such amazingly fast shipping and the customer service is top tier! Secondly, the product itself is a miracle worker. I absolutely love how convenient it is to use and the strength gains and visible differences within just 2 weeks of using it has been insane. So so so happy with it and can’t wait to try some of the other products!
Hayden Hudepohl
Fantastic product
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I have had other Sarms of the same type from other sites and they don’t seem to compare to the quality of elite Sarms. I have had better results on the same product and the customer service and ease of checkout and payment here is as it says in the name ELITE.
Jake Simpson
Great product and quick shipping
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Alongside hardwork you will see results from this product. Shipping and customer service are 5 star tier, I'm a repeat customer and have recommended this to mates. A positive experience round.
Anthony Kingston
Fast service
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I think I’ve been using these products 2 years and now buying from elite Sarms. All ways arrives in days. If customers do research on what will suit them and stick to recommend dosage, the gains will be amazing.
Jack McCrudden
Top tier brand
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Have been using Elite Sarms for a while now and love the quality and customer service and the Decavar sarm has helped me so much in the gym. great products. highly recommend if you're on the fence.


Most frequent questions and answers

Sarms are compounds that bind to the androgen receptor in a selective manner; as a result, they act selectively on tissues such as muscle, bone, connective tissue, and body fat. They achieve this selectivity while avoiding binding to the prostate and without shutting down normal hormonal function.

No. Sarms are scientifically termed; non-steroidal compounds.

Technically, they are ligands that bind to various androgen receptors (ARs) to varying degrees depending on their chemical makeup. This, in turn, creates different biological enhancement effects specific to the tissues the products are targeting. Additionally, Sarms offer a unique advantage over traditional steroids.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators: Physique 400, Tight, Decavar, GH Pep and Stanazine activate muscle Androgen Receptors (ARs). 

Some of these muscle-activating Sarms, in addition, stimulate metabolic pathways, making them a re-composition compound where muscle is held, while fat is simultaneously reduced.

Our products Cardio Shred and Hyper Lean specifically activate the metabolic pathways to enhance both cardiovascular performance and anaerobic performance while simultaneously creating the environment within the body as though one has been conducting consistent cardio training. 

It is because of this cardiovascular environment creation that these products have been dubbed in the scientific community as ‘exercise in a bottle.’ Furthermore, when cardio training is paired with the above products, further fat loss is achieved.

The potential exists for male research subjects to experience testosterone suppression; however, this is very different from the testosterone shut-down caused by steroid use. If Testosterone suppression is experienced, it can be remedied by stopping the Sarm.

Furthermore, when dosed at the recommended daily mg amounts, this potential effect can be minimized or completely avoided.

In contrast, female researchers will not experience testosterone suppression or virilization (developing male characteristics) when using ES Sarms.