YK11 induces muscle cells to make more follistatin (more than the hormone DHT does) – With DHT also being a strong myostatin inhibitor.

With that said, YK11 can be as powerful as testosterone in terms of muscle tissue strengthening and muscle cell volumisation. However with the added benefit of being a muscle proliferation compound which contributes to the growth of new muscle proteins.

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alpha helix product


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How It Works

Myostatin (myo = muscle, statin = stop) is a protein found almost exclusively within skeletal muscle. Myostatin limits muscle growth ensuring that muscles do not grow too large.


The Difference

What’s special about this combination is that while the other SARMs powerfully stimulate androgen receptors to develop new muscle tissues, YK11has the second power of suppressing myostatin’s actions to oppose further development of the muscle fibres.

The Result

Being an effective and powerful product, Alpha Helix® is truly a biohacking powerhouse that works by creating the environment for exceeding an individual’s innate physical capacity and entering new territories of physical development.

"what our customers say about yk11"

James L.
Alpha Helix (YK11)
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Probably one of the best strength SARMS out there, super dry gains, my powerlifting and calisthenics performance improved massively in 3 weeks. Highly recommended for strength and athletic performance 🙌🏼
James Doecke
Alpha Helix (YK11)
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Alpha Helix Great! So far so with the alpha helix, good energy and strong workouts. Really happy with my results. Getting stronger everyday!
Christopher Dorum
Alpha Helix (YK11)
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Not placebo effect! Worked really well! After just a week,I started to feel and see some reasults, as a third party verification friends and boyfriend were commenting how big I was getting. So definately not placebo
Stevie P
Alpha Helix (YK11)
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First time with this SARMS formula from ES, another good product, and as always with ES, prompt replies to my questions about the product and fast delivery.
GH Pep® (MK-677)
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Good product. Surely it helps to recover better from strenuous workout in the gym or running. Preserving muscles mass from long cardio session. Noticeable pump. Also, improved my sleeping quality. Overall, great product for both bulking and cardio.
Patricia Barros
Hyper Lean® (SR9009)
Read More
Great Results does exactly what it says it does. I’ve been using hyper lean for just under a month now and it’s literally exercise on a bottle , my whoop is clocking elevate calories burned during and post work out due to increased cardio potential, highly recommended. Will be purchasing all my next cycles from elite sarms , well priced and quick delivery.
Kurt Dempsey
Hyper Lean® (SR9009)
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Best Product I've Researched so far! This a great product and is the best by far compared to other companies I've researched with. I definitely recommend these guys!!!
Eric Grunnet
Hyper Lean® (SR9009)
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Good product! Gets results, with a something that you can feel working throughout your body!
Peter Ashman
Hyper Lean® (SR9009)
Read More
Love this product, im an endurance athlete and the benefits from this are unparalleled, best supplement I've used by far.
Sally Swalling
Hyper Lean® (SR9009)
Read More
Amazing !! You guys never disappoint. Definitely feel & look leaner Stronger & gained muscle . With tracking my food and weight training at a high intensity. Totally recommend.
Grace H
Hyper Lean® (SR9009)
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Good Product. This is my second time using Hyper Lean, I believe I would have seen better results if my training had gone to plan. However, in saying this I have been eating in calorie surplus and not training as hard as I expected but am maintaining weight loss despite the bumps in the road I've had. Happy with it so far and will continue to monitor the results.
Hyper Lean® (SR9009)
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Great Product. First time using this and found that my stamina in my workouts lasted much longer and I saw results. To be fair, you still have to work hard to see the results you want but feel this product helped.
Steven Andruszkiewicz
Hyper Lean® (SR9009)
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Stay lean and showcase the trim muscles. You're never too old to exercise, workouts lifting weights and of course fast paced walks or Jogging to stay fit and in good shape. Elite Sarms is great in keeping lean and no belly fat.
James C
Hyper Lean® (SR9009)
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Extremely good product, works effectively in a deficit. Personally found that my muscular body endurance did not go down, whilst continuing to lose fat, increasing weight on exercises and somehow building more lean muscle tissue.


Most frequent questions and answers

No. YK11 (Alpha Helix) is scientifically termed a non-steroidal compound called a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator)

Sarms are compounds that bind to the androgen receptor in a selective manner and therefore act selectively on tissues such as muscle, bone, connective tissue and body fat while avoiding binding to the prostate and without shutting down normal hormonal function

YK11 is a great for cutting body fat, clean bulking, body recomposition and improving body weight strength for training types such as calisthenics. 

Alpha Helix is excellent for cutting due to blocking myostatin which decreases muscle gain. Therefore even on a calorie restriction one can maintain muscle mass or even continue building. 

For males the dosage is 10mg (1ml) daily. For females the dosage is 1/2 of the male dosage so 5mg (0.5ml) daily. 

Research length is between 6-8 weeks with 8 weeks being the most effective cycle length. 

The potential exists to experience testosterone suppression. This is very different to testosterone shut-down caused by steroid use. If T suppression is experienced, it is remedied by stopping the Sarm. 

When dosed at the recommended daily mg amounts this potential effect can be minimised or completely avoided.  

Females will not experience testosterone suppression or virilisation (developing male characteristics) with YK11