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The A,B,C’s of Sarms in Getting Bigger and Stronger Muscles

By: M. G. Thibault What are Androgenic Receptors? You probably already know that testosterone and synthetic esters of this male hormone have a huge role in muscle growth and development. However, do you know the exact role of androgenic receptors (AR’s) in muscle growth? Androgenic receptors are the primary target of anabolic steroids, growth hormone, IGF-1, and most performance-enhancing drugs work by stimulating hypertrophy in muscle tissues.  There is a

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Our Testosterone Boosting Secrets

Testosterone is vital to a person’s overall health and well-being. Low levels of testosterone, due to aging or a medical disorder, can negatively affect body composition, slow down metabolism, decrease libido, and cause mood depressions.  If you are experiencing symptoms of suboptimal testosterone levels, or want to boost it simply because it can improve your mood and motivation, accelerate healing and enhance your body-building efforts, this article is for you.

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Growth Hormone Hacking Through Scientific Workouts

Science has unlocked major discoveries in the way we can improve our overall health and longevity. But for many, understanding how to use these scientific breakthroughs to sustain a healthy mind and body is a daunting task. This year’s anti-aging toolkit comprises of 3 different aspects: Holistic nutrition- Go the extra mile by including foods in your diet that help combat free radicals by targeting DNA repair and cell renewal.

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Fat Loss Blockbusters: Elite Fat Loss Guide 2023

OG Design: Michelle Gabata-Thibault Edited: Ryan McTeigue It’s that time of year where everyone seems to focus on getting their fitness and weight loss programs on track. With the Holiday season over, along with cheat days and ‘understandable’ lapses in training and dietary protocols, now is the best time to update your body goals and get your new re-composition routine cracking. At Elite Sarms we have a few clever hacks

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Hormones and How they Affect Body Fat Loss

Hormones are biochemical messengers secreted by endocrine glands to control the different processes in your body, especially your metabolic pathways. If you are having difficulty losing weight or simply looking to shed fat, understanding your hormones and working with them can help you take your fat loss to the next level. In this article, we will review the major hormones that affect the accumulation of adipose tissue and the metabolism

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Anti-Aging Biohacks for Athletes of Any Age

By: M.G. Thibault. Edited by Ryan McTeigue Whether you are in your 20’s or whether you are in your 50’s it doesn’t matter. The following hacks below won’t just make you feel younger, they will help your body regenerate, recover and for the ladies there is even some beauty biohacking thrown in here. These trends in Age-reversal and body amplificationcome and go especially with new scientific discoveries and advancements in

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