How S4 Stanazine can Increase your Athletic Power

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Many sports individuals and professional athletes maximize their nutrition and employ supplements to enhance their performance. Whether you are looking to advance your game or aiming to take home the cup, at the end of the day you want to improve, and feel great about your physical fitness and development. Well, there is on Sarm that is an excellent performer in both Athletic Performance plus increasing strength and power. That Sarm is S4 known in the Elite Sarms range as Stanazine®.

No doubt, the sports and fitness industry is flooded by thousands of supplements that make all types of claims and this can be confusing and overwhelming. Admissibly, there are many effective and decent supplements in the market, but in this article I want to put the spotlight on the novel compound S4 Stanazine to show you how this supplement is miles ahead of the game in terms of sports performance, fat cutting, crazy muscle pumps and drastic power increases and how S4 delivers all of this. This article talks about how it’s easily one of the closest compounds to the “perfect tonic” to jack-up your game performance.

The advent of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or SARMs has been phenomenal, particularly in the world of fitness and sports. SARMs certainly raised the bar when it comes to safe, effective and accessible supplements for physique and sports enhancement

Developed by GTX, Inc under its then brand name, Andarine, S4 Stanazine was originally conceptualized as a safer alternative to anabolic steroids for the treatment of muscle wasting diseases and Osteoporosis. If you are familiar with SARMs compounds, S4 like the other sarms has excellent binding and activation to the body’s androgen receptors, and therefore mimics the effects of testosterone minus the usual side effects of synthetic testosterone. 


How can S4 (Stanazine®) help athletes amp their competitive edge?

We just don’t babble about unfounded claims here. At Elite Sarms, our Intel lets the Science do the talking… 

Bone Density

The health of the skeletal system is important for athletes young and old. If there is a disruption in the equilibrium between bone formation and resorption, bone stress injuries and fractures can occur. This will surely set back your fitness advancement, especially if this happens over a spectrum of repetitive mechanical stresses during training and gaming events. Keeping the bones strong and powerful will mean you stay injury free and continue to advance past your competitors, who aren’t taking direct action to ensure their bones are in the best possible conditions for all the stress you are putting them under during training and competition. 

Studies on ovariectomized female rats (a female rat whose ovaries have been removed) show that S4 administration increased bone mineral density and strength in the trial subjects, while also improving muscle strength. This means even without the life force of a female mammal removed, the subject continued to increase in bone mineral strength and muscle strength – this is no small finding, especially the effect this would have on healthy subjects.  

The studies imply that the incidence of fracture can be reduced through Stanazine’s dual mechanisms: one, via direct effects in bone strength and quality, and two, by decreasing the incidence of falls as stability is supported with increased muscle strength.


Muscle Mass

According to the National Strength and Conditioning Association,  fitness components such as agility, power, coordination, etc., rely on body and in particular muscle composition to a large extent. An increase in lean body mass contributes to strength and power development. And muscle size and quality is positively related to Strength and power. 

In one study, castrated male rats received S4 for four weeks and ended up with higher muscle weight, similar to the effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). 

What this means for the athlete, is that with regular dosing of S4 Stanazine, lean muscle gains are achieved. It follows that by increasing lean body mass, the athlete is able to generate more force in a shorter period of time. Than without daily dosing of S4 for a period of time (we recommend 12 weeks of continual for S4, before taking a break to let the Androgen receptors regain their sensitivity for greater gains in the next supplementation cycle. Greater muscular strength

According to sports scientists and practitioners, muscle strength is directly associated with improved force-time characteristics that influence an athlete’s overall performance. Numerous research studies support the opinion that greater muscular strength can enhance the capacity to execute general sport skills such as jumping, sprinting, and quick change of direction movements.


S4 Stanazine 5:2 dosage Protocol

A dose of 25mg per day for 5 days on and 2 days off per week is recommended. Each bottle contains 30 days of use. 1 ml is measured on the included glass dropper and is equivalent to 25 mg. 

Cycle Length: 8–12 weeks.

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