scientifically proven fat loss!

We know, you’ve heard every claim other brands make that their product is “the” fat burning product to end all fat burning products. We are here to simply shine light on the proven science for Cardio Shred, Hyper Lean and Decavar.

If you are ready to try scientifically studied and proven products read on to discover how specific Elite Sarms products can assist in your fat loss goals.

  • Science based fat loss

    Clinically studied fat burners

  • increase metabolism

    Increase metabolism at the gene level for real results

  • Improve carbohdrate uptake

    Carbohydrates are driven into muscle instead of being stored as body fat

  • activate cardio muscle

    Grow Type I muscle fibers that are usually only built through endurance cardiovascular exercise such as running, biking or swimming

  • faster cardio recovery

    Recover from cardio exercise faster, making training more enjoyable and effective


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CARDIO SHRED (Cardarine)

The most potent fat burner in the ES range

Activates the same pathways that are activated when doing intense cardiovascular exercise

ZERO Central Nervous System Stimulation

Changes the metabolism to burn fat instead of muscle

Improve cardiovascular endurance

Increases cardio performance by improving oxygen efficiency leading to more stamina making cardio more enjoyable. 


Increases the number of mitochondria (energy powerhouses) in muscle

Improves overall metabolism

Non-Stimulant Fat Burner

Better absorption of glucose into muscle instead of being stored as fat

Increases endurance for longer and harder training sessions


Targets the androgen receptors in muscle tissues protecting muscle while reducing body fat, which prevents the metabolism from slowing down

Increases nitrogen in muscle which usually decreases when cutting body fat, preventing the deflated look while dieting

Activates IGF-1 (insulin growth factor-1) which taps into stored body fat and utilises it for energy

Supports a faster metabolism for improved fat loss results and more energy during exercise and daily activity

"what you say about ES fat burners"

Zosia Michalowski
Cardio Shred® Cardarine(GW0742)
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Big Result in Little Time. In the space of 2 weeks I've lost 20cm collectively from my thighs, butt, waist and upper body. Only a loss of 0.8kg on the scales, so this shift is a clear indicator of some major recomp. My diet hasn't been perfect, training as per usual... just with 1ml in the morning of CardioShred. SuperHappyDays!!
Daniel Grozier
Fat Burner Stack
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Good stack. I've used another brand before. This stuff is good quality. Great custom service. Will be a return customer. I use it for road cycling , cutting weight. Works well in stabilising your energy and hunger. Preserving muscle. Increased cardio.
Rosemary James
Fast Burn Stack
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I started with decaver and cardio shred for 2 months. Took off 2 weeks and started back adding in hyper lean. While I can’t tell the contributor my cardio has improved significantly as well as my strength. I am 64 and struggle with arthritis. So the fact that I am getting gains with all my obstacles is huge. My body fat was 17.5% when I started. Will test again after a couple cycles!
Josh Lucero
Physique 400® (LGD-4033)
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Since using LGD-4033 for almost a month now, I noticed drastically the strength, endurance and recovery on my work-out.I can see the vast results on my physique, especially on my upper body and the sides of my belly where I always struggle to get rid of my stubborn fat are noticeably getting smaller. I'm happy that I included LGD-4033 on my Fast Burn Stack where I've maximised all the hard work that I'm putting into the gym to gain an optimal result of my Physique. I'm almost on my second bottle of LGD-4033 and can't wait for the result for my second month.
Ante Berkovic
Hyper Lean® (SR9009)
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Great fat burning properties.
Colin Scotts
Cardio Shred® Cardarine(GW0742)
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Cardio Shred is truly the product to use before any workout.You get a massive energy boost able to do note reps faster stronger it’s the greatest product and for burning fat absolutely recommend it.
Fat Burner Stack
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I lost 5 kg in a month. Now looking to buy more. Really recommend it!!!
Nebi Abdulai
Cardio Shred® Cardarine(GW0742)
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Good product, NO BS. Elite Sarms - Cardio Shred® Cardarine(GW0742) arrived nicely packaged within a reasonable time frame. Did not leave me waiting long at all. Been taking it ever since for performance enhancement and cardio protection and it is legit. Took just a bit to kick in and the effects are there. Increased stamina, energy levels and recovery as well as more fat burning.
Steve Rodrigues
Fat Burner Stack
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Good sarms. I'm on -33% calories and I'm still smashing PB's on this fat burner stack, the cardio shred lets me pump out set after set and the mk2668 I assume is what is letting me retain muscle on such a low calorie count. Either that or it's a placebo and I'm just tough as nails.
Sandra Slimank
Cardio Shred® Cardarine(GW0742)
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Great product. Excellent delivery and service.


Most frequent questions and answers

All ES fat burners are best to take around 30 – 45 mins before your training session.

These products are activated by cardio training, therefore taking them before a workout will help activate these products to their full potential. 

On non-training days you can take them in the morning to kick-start your metabolism when its the slowest. 

Product Cardio Shred (GW0742) connect and turn on the Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor known as PPAR-Beta.

PPAR-B is a key transcription factor or messenger that is activated by GW0742 to increase fat burning, increase metabolism and assist greatly in cardiovascular performance. 

Hyper Lean (SR9009) activates a protein called Rev-erb-alpha, which is in control of the body’s metabolism, which is subsequently sped up by Hyper Lean. This activation of Rev-erb-alpha improves overall energy production and enhances endurance and anaerobic physical performance.

In the case of Cardio Shred and Hyper Lean they both increase fat burning, daily energy and speed up metabolism while activating type I (endurance) muscle fibers.

Decavar (MK2866) is a unique Sarm that activates muscle receptors however it also increases the activity insulin-like growth factor 1 gene (IGF-1), which is a potent peptide which reduces stored fat while preserving muscle mass. 

Currently, there are very few scientifically proven fat burners that can be purchased off the shelf from supplement stores. 

Off the shelf fat burners use cheap stimulants like coffee and green tea to simply crank up heart rate and body temperature. 

Elite Sarms fat burners work because they are metabolic modulators, lowering insulin, driving carbohydrates into muscle instead of into fat and switching the metabolism over to burning fat instead of burning carbohydrates. 

These products will have a small effect if ones diet remains exactly the same (not worse) and physical activity is at a moderate weekly rate. 

However if you really clean up your diet by removing toxic foods and drinks such as; reducing alcohol consumption, reducing processed food, consuming clean proteins, salads and vegetables.

And you ramp up your training on a nice gradual increasing intensity while keeping the workout duration to 45-60 minutes…..

You will see GREAT fat loss results in conjunction with the Elite Sarms fat burners.

If your major goal is weight loss then Cardio Shred is our most effective product for overall weight loss. 

If you want to increase your metabolism primarily then Hyper Lean is the best product for this. 

If your goal is to tone and harden your overall physique while improving strength, Decavar is the best option. 

These 3 products can be stacked in any combination preferred for greater effect.

Cardio Shred (GW0742)
Cardiovascular Training (Running, Biking, Swimming and any other form of cardio

Hyper Lean (SR9009)
HIIT Cardio Training (Circuit style training, Crossfit, shorter duration higher intensity cardio exercise)

Decavar (MK2866)
Hybrid Training – Cardiovascular + Strength Training (weight training combined with cardiovascular exercise)

All the ES Fat Burners are non-stimulant ie. they do not stimulate the Central Nervous System (CNS) like caffeine does. 

ES Fat Burning products CAN be used alongside pre-workouts, protein powders and standard athletic supplementation.