Elite Sarms Body Re-Composition in 2023

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Hi Team,

In this episode of Elite Sarms INTEL Blog, in the theme of lean muscle building, we are going to check-out what is happening in the world of Re-Composition in 2023. We will uncover the Elite Sarms products that star in body Re-Composition and all info you need for building lean muscle while reducing body-fat just in time for the New Year!

Re-Composition is a term used in the Fitness World for building muscle tissue while reducing body fat cells. Body re-composition is the main goal outside of a bulking phase in bodybuilding for example. To simultaneously grow muscle and lose fat is no easy feat, and in order to complete this successfully one has to follow specific nutrition, training and supplementation guidelines. Luckily, we have the supplementation part sorted.

Let us look at the Elite Sarms products that are best suited for Body Re-composition and some of their special characteristics they share in muscle building and fat burning:

1. Tight® (RAD140)

2. Stanazine® (S4)

3. Decavar® (MK2866)

The above 3 Elite Sarms were selected as the Best Body Re-Composition products because they can all be used as Fat Burners, and here’s the important part, they can all be used just as effectively as fat-free muscle builders. This is very important for those involved in competitive sports and athletics, as any muscle that is gained, the athlete wants that muscle to be highly functional. Any muscle gained with these 3 sarms will be functional, athletic muscle – as long as a healthy diet is adhered to while on cycle and this is due to how each product functions.

Now let’s dive a little deeper into each Elite Sarms Re-Composition product to learn more about their individuality.


Created by Radius Health, RAD140 know as Tight® in the Elite Sarms range, is our most potent Re-composition product available. This is because it is equally as effective at Fat Burning as it is in Building Muscle. Its power in fat burning comes from the drastic increase in metabolism one experiences around week 2-3 on Tight®. The drastic increase in metabolism comes from the creation of new muscle, with muscle being the most potent metabolism increaser due to requiring more energy to sustain itself. The muscle will then tap into fat stores over time to provide this newly required energy.

Tight®s Muscle Building power comes from the fact that it physiologically mimics the effects of testosterone while remaining non-steroidal and non-hormonal. This is a very amazing product in terms of the strength increases, muscle building and muscle recovery properties contained within one single compound without being a hormone. Just like testosterone, Tight® helps to increase strength but also gives the elevated mood and Focused Drive which also increases performance in the gym. It’s this combination of mental and physiological enhancement from RAD 140 that can provide the gateway for serious muscle and athletic gains.


Our next Re-Composition product is Stanazine® Stanazine®s active compound S4 has proven in studies to increase Lipolysis or fat burning due to putting the body into a state of excess calorie expenditure. This is due to the Androgen Receptor (AR) activation in both muscle and body fat. While the body is in a state of excess calorie expenditure – more calories from the food and drink you consume goes into building new muscle and less goes into storage as body fat.

A very noted effect from Stanazine® is very pronounced vascularity enhancement after around 2-3 weeks depending on the athlete and that athletes time in training. However, one will notice a very pronounced vascularity effect as well as intense muscular pumps. The muscle pumps caused by Stanazine® are due to is very specific binding of muscle AR – Unlike any other Sarm. Something that can only be experienced – but explained, it feels like a fullness within all the muscles.

Now to muscle building. Stanazine® in my opinion, is very underrated when it comes to muscle building – however, if your body type is one that reacts strongly to strength increases with muscle increases (usually ecto-mesomorph body types) then S4 may just become your new go-to-Sarm for packing on quality lean muscle. The special part is that Stanazine® will also create strength increases while on a restricted diet or calorie deficit, something that makes this Sarm loved in the Physique competition world around pre-stage time.

Finally, we uncover Decavar® the last of the Re-Composition superstars in the Elite Sarms range.

Decavar® or MK2866 is a unique character indeed. Its Power over any other Sarm and probably any other compound currently available on the market that is safe, is its anti-catabolic or anti-muscle wasting properties. This means that while reducing calories or food intake one can keep the skeletal muscle that is on their frame and even experience strength increases while in this state. This is because it is a compound for keeping muscle on a frame – even when one is weak, or reducing calorie intake.

Therefore, as you can see Decavar®s muscle building properties come from the fact it Protects Muscle – it’s the muscle Body Guard if you will – not letting catabolic hormones anywhere near it, so the body in is a perfect state for building new muscle tissue and keeping what you have already worked hard for. Decavar® also has a very strong effect on skeletal muscle Androgen Receptor (AR) and when the muscle is trained this increases the muscles ability to uptake glycogen (muscle sugar) which then creates insulin sensitivity. This creates strong muscle pumps in training – muscle that is sensitive to sugar intake. And when sugar is consumed after training one will experience – the pump – due to the sugar being driven into the muscle.

And there we have it, the 3 Superstars in the Elite Sarms body Re-Composition range and the science behind their special characteristics.

Stay tuned for next episode of Elite Sarms INTEL Blog – where we put the ES Fat Burning products under the spotlight with some optimisation tips to boot.

Happy Intense Training,

Ryan ES

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