Cardio Shred® (GW0742) – The Most Potent Fat Burner Online. Period.

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Welcome to another Elite Sarms Blog. In this short snippet of information we are going to look into the most POTENT Fat Burner that can currently be purchased online: Elite Sarms – Cardio Shred® (GW0742).

The fact is, almost every single fat burning product sold online relies on thermogenesis to create an effect. This thermogenic effect is caused by jacking up the Central Nervous System to levels beyond normal – all in an effort to raise body temperature and burn some fat. But this method does not deal with the actual science of real fat burning.

With that in mind, let’s dive into the actual science behind the most potent fat burner online which is in the Elite Sarms product range as: Cardio Shred® (GW0742).

GW0742 is a PPARδ Receptor Agonist – meaning, it creates a physiological response once it binds to the PPARδ Receptor.

The physiological response created by GW0742 is – it MIMICS the effects of INTENSE CARDIO VASCULAR EXERCISE within the body – even in a rested state and here’s the crazy part – WITH ZERO Central Nervous System Stimulation. Cardio Shred® truly is a one-of-a-kind product.

Okay so let’s break down PPARδ Receptor and what happens when Cardio Shred® activates this:

PPARδ stands for: Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor – Delta. Just like the Androgren Receptor (AR) which our other Elite Sarms modulate, Cardio Shred® modulates the PPARδ receptor which creates a state in the body as though one is doing INTENSE CARDIO EXERCISE CONSISTENTLY.

To see how GW0742 works to create the effects of Intense Cardio Exercise inside the body, lets see what the PPARδ Receptor is responsible for inside the body:

When the PPARδ Receptor is working below maintenance level, this can eventually lead to:

1. Diabetes
2. Obesity
3. Atherosclerosis (heart disease) and;
4. Cancers

Therefore, when the PPARδ Receptor is working at maintenance level and above it will express in the body as:

1. Healthy insulin levels
2. Healthy weight
3. Healthy heart and
4. Strong immune system

In skeletal muscle (the muscles you workout) PPARδ’s expression or effect is increased by exercise – particularly Cardio Vascular Exercise resulting in OVERALL INCREASED fat burning capacity and an increase in Type I (endurance) Muscle Fibres.

Cardio Shred® activates the PPARδ Receptor just as intense Cardio Vascular and Metabolic Training does. However, the synergistic powerhouse effects come into play when one Conducts Intense Cardio Vascular training in conjunction with supplementing Cardio Shred®.

The double activation of the PPARδ Receptor by Intense Exercise (exercise done with intensity) along with Cardio Shred® resulted in test subjects running 31.8% further after 3 weeks of continued supplementation.

The other amazing characteristic about Cardio Shred® is its fat burning abilities. Cardio Shred® changes fat metabolism within the body, so more stored fat is used for energy requirements instead of burning sugars in the body – which will protect the muscle, while burning stored fat!

This creates an overall powerful fat burning effect due to an increase in metabolism with a simultaneous increase in insulin sensitivity. This is why Cardio Shred® (GW0742) is – The Most Potent Fat Burner online.

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