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Ultimate Elite Sarms Health Program – Becoming Limitless

elite sarms health program

By: M.G. Thibault. Edited: Ryan McTeigue

From IV drips that provide anti-aging concoctions of nutrients and antioxidants straight into your bloodstream, to stem cell creams, facials involving the application of a radio frequency and microbiome testing for highly personalized anti-aging treatments, the pursuit for the fountain of youth has advanced in leaps and bounds with the human tenacity to beat the biological clock.

Based from our research on proven techniques and the latest global trends, we came up with the Elite Sarms Anti-aging Toolkit , a holistic approach integrating nutrition, training, supplementation, and lifestyle hacks to provide you with a user-friendly guide to support your quest for becoming limitless….  

Eat to get Younger

SIRT1. SIRT1 protects against oxidative stress via the regulating the acetylation of metabolic proteins (FOXO), which is involved in antioxidant processes, cell death, and cell proliferation. By activating these pathways, SIRT1 increases the expression of manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD) and catalase, counteracting harmful effects of oxidative stress while promoting damage repair. Examples of SIRT1 foods are berries, kale, and plants containing resveratrol, quercetin, and curcumin.

Wartercress. Watercress works as an internal dermal antiseptic and enhances oxygenation of the skin. It also improves the circulation and transport of minerals like manganese, phosphorus and calcium to all cells in the body; it is packed with vitamins A, B1, B2, C and K, phenols and other antioxidants that neutralize harmful free radicals, preventing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Carotenoids. Carotenoids are plant pigments causing the red, yellow, and orange coloring of many fruits and vegetables. They have a range of anti-inflammatory properties  that protect your skin from sun damage, pollution, and environmental toxins- factors that cause premature aging.

Anti-aging Workouts Backed by Science

HIIT an Endurance Training. In a Randomized Controlled Trial, researchers found that

HIIT and endurance training, increased telomerase activity of cells which is beneficial

for their growth and replication. Telomeres are nucleotide sequences at the end part of

our chromosomes and their main action is to protect our genetic information. Now, when

these telomeres shorten, cellular aging occurs. After 6 months of HIIT and endurance

training, subjects were found to increase their telomere length, which inhibits cell

death, ultimately producing an anti-aging effect.

Examples of HIIT workouts with recommended work/rest intervals:

Tabata- 20 sec/10 sec, for 8 sets

Tempo Runs – 40-yard sprints/walk back to start

Short Sprints- 8 sec/12 sec, for 60 sets

Burpees- 30 sec/15 sec, for 8 sets

Jumping Lunges- 30 sec/15 sec, for 8 sets

Pushups- 45 sec/15 sec, for 3 sets

Examples of Endurance Sports




Long distance running

Cross-country skiing




Field Hockey

Martial Arts

Age-Reversing Supplements that Actually Work

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG is the main polyphenol compound in green

tea making Matcha one of the trendiest drinks in today’s market. Research studies on

EGCG boast of its impressive health benefits, which include reducing the risk of certain

Cancers and metabolic disorders. EGCG slows aging and promotes longevity by

restoring mitochondrial function in cells and acting on pathways involved in aging,

including the AMP-activated protein kinase signaling pathway (AMPK).

ELITE SARMS GH Pep (MK-677). GH Pep (MK-677) is a Growth Hormone

secretagogue taken orally which signals to stimulate the pulsatile release of Growth

Hormone (GH) in the pituitary gland and Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) in the

liver. As we age, growth hormone diminishes causing our muscles to waste away,

visceral fat to accumulate and cause skin tissue to sag and lose elasticity. GH-Pep is

the best Anti-aging SARM that enhances your endogenous secretion of Growth

hormone disrupting the undesirable effects of aging.

Elite Bioscience Biotropin HGH Pen.
Talking about Bio-hacking your way to longevity and age-management, today’s trendiest Anti-aging and Rejuvenation clinics mostly integrate Human Growth Hormone injections into their program, mainly because it is effective, and works right away. A HGH course targets tissue repair and regeneration at an accelerated rate. It maximises the biochemical pathways of the body to achieve optimum energy, vitality, and extend the individual’s mental and physical peak.

Current Modalities on Youth Renewal

Cryotherapy is known to facilitate the healing process of damaged tissues, improve blood circulation and metabolism, increase serotonin levels and boost the function of an individual’s immune system. Cryofacials and Focused Cold Therapy (FCT) is another method known to remove one of the most common signs of ageing, which is wrinkles. 

Stem Cell Therapy. Technological innovations in Regenerative Medicine have effectively managed the aging process by providing hormone replacements in combination with Stem cell protocols. Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) have been shown to provide a promising and effective alternative in managing skin and facial skin aging. Stem Cell dermal applications activated by defensin peptides, has continued to grow in popularity with patients and consumers alike, making it the New Frontier in Skin Rejuvenation.

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How Important is Nitric Oxide to Muscle Growth?

How Important is Nitric Oxide to Muscle Growth

Big Facts about Muscle Growth

Been struggling to build muscle? If so, one factor that you should start paying attention to is your nitric oxide (NO) levels. For those who are not familiar with NO, this is a good article to become familiar with the compound. For athletes and fitness fans who are acquainted with this chemical, read on to find out ways to boost NO levels for maximum muscle growth and maximum athletic performance.

What is Nitric Oxide?

Nitric oxide is a substance generated by the endothelium, the lining of blood vessels. It relaxes the muscles that surround the interior of arteries, allowing them to expand and improve blood flow.

Because the endothelium is sensitive to chemical and physical variables in our blood vessels, it boosts the synthesis of nitric oxide when it detects a need for more blood flow due to situations such as physical exercise or emotional excitement.  

The Major Benefits of Nitric Oxide

Having high levels of nitric oxide can improve blood vessel health, increase lean muscle mass, reduce inflammation, and lower blood pressure since it expands arteries and veins throughout the body. 

The best part of this is that it also significantly lowers your risk of heart disease at the same time- as an added health benefit. Nitric Oxide helps to protect against cardiovascular disease by hindering arterial degeneration caused by aging, and aiding in heart repair after myocardial injury. 

How so? Well, the heart needs to pump the blood around the body, with the help of nitric oxide, the blood vessels relax and allow for sufficient blood flow. This helps the heart work more efficiently because less pressure is placed on it. By increasing nitric oxide levels, it allows for more oxygen and nutrients to be carried around the body without exhausting the heart.

Nitric Oxide Effects on Muscle Growth

Nitric oxide is a potent vasodilator and has been discovered to be a very important contributor in increasing muscle mass. This molecule helps you build muscle by jump starting your body’s natural protein building process.

Titled as a “miracle molecule” by scientists, it helps your muscles grow bigger, faster and stronger compared to other muscle building supplements available on the market. Nitric oxide is essential to the blood flow that delivers oxygen and nutrients to muscles; the more oxygen you have circulating, the longer your endurance will be and the faster your recovery will be. With both factors being super important in building muscle.

HUGE Muscle Pumps.

When you lift weights, your muscles contract generating nitric oxide. NO improves mechanical and metabolic muscle power through the c-GMP mediated pathway.   Because nitric oxide is a potent vasodilator, it  relaxes the smooth muscles of the blood vessels in your muscles, enabling increased blood flow. This will cause your veins to swell and your muscles to protrude. A good muscle pump allows you to see the results of your hard work, which motivates you to work even harder and feel full. We all know what Arnold said about what “The Pump” feels like. If you don’t know, treat yourself to highly inspiring 1977 Documentary – “Pumping Iron”  


Boosts Endurance.

During strenuous activity, your body breaks down carbohydrates, glycogen, and other molecules to produce adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, which is subsequently transformed into energy.

However, this process consumes a lot of oxygen and produces hydrogen ions, which accumulate in your muscles, producing a decrease in pH and interfering with muscular contraction. This is what produces the mid-workout burn that makes you want to quit. To counteract this, nitric oxide maintains regular blood flow to the muscles to supply oxygen and nutrients, allowing you to workout harder and for longer periods of time without becoming fatigued.

Decrease Soreness and Faster Recovery.

Weight-training sessions are so strenuous that the body is unable to deliver adequate oxygen to sustain energy. Lactic acid accumulates in the muscles, producing exhaustion, excessive fatigue, physical weakness, muscular cramps, and discomfort. Nitric oxide avoids this by boosting blood flow to the muscles, which ensures that your body has adequate oxygen to generate power.

Following an intense, focused gym session, nitric oxide ensures that your muscles are filled with nutrition and oxygen, and that any lactic acid accumulation is removed. This reduces the amount of time you need to recover before your next training session.


Supplements that Boost Nitric Oxide levels

NO gets depleted during workout sessions and this is why it’s very important to include nitric oxide boosting supplements before and after training to maintain optimum blood flow. While there are different ways to boost nitric oxide levels, the best and most effective route is through strategic supplementation.


There are many supplements that increase nitric oxide to help fuel muscle mass gains, but only a few work well. Studies show that L-citrulline can boost nitric oxide levels effectively resulting in improved O2 uptake kinetics and greater exercise performance in human subjects.


Human Growth Hormone

HGH therapy has been shown to increase nitric oxide production in both growth hormone-deficient patients and healthy individuals. What happens is that HGH stimulates the release of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), that interacts with muscle fibers to produce NO which in turn aids in muscle tissue growth. This is the reason why HGH injections gained a fast popularity among athletes, body builders, and fitness buffs because only a small amount of HGH dosing is required to produce significant results in your muscle building regimen in an insanely short amount of time, and I mean within a few weeks! For the best HGH supplement for men and women, choose a bioidentical 141 amino acid sequence formula using r-DNA technology such as Biotropin® HGH

The typical HGH dosage for effective muscle building for most men can self-administer around 4 to 6 IU per day while women can take 1 to 3 IU per day as the most common starting dose.

Cardarine GW-0742.

Cardarine is a Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor or PPAR activator, and was initially researched for its fat-burning potential and further developed to potentially treat health issues around the heart and blood vessels. Cardio Shred® is the best Cardarine (GW0742) in the market, and is known to have a range of benefits for athletic performance and muscle building, including reduction of inflammation and an increase in fat-burning potential. Research suggests that Cardarine (GW0742) can be effectively dosed at 12.5mg – 25mg per day.

As a PPAR-delta agonistCardio Shred® (Cardarine) increases fat burning and energy metabolism to nourish muscle fibers that significantly contributes to lean mass gains. Cardio Shred® also maintains quality blood flow by increasing nitric oxide production, minimising oxidative damage to the blood vessels that supply oxygen and protein-building amino acids for muscle growth. Cardio Shred® is also studied to suppress inflammation (another benefit of activating the PPAR-delta pathway) thus lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Long story short, Nitric Oxide is a powerful muscle building molecule with infinite health benefits. And we have just presented some key biohacking compounds that can help increase your NO production over the long and short-term leading to a grander physique and better health. Now it’s over to you to access these tools and get to work in the gym.

In good health, the Elite Sarms Team. 🙏🏼

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Are Viagra & Cialis the most potent pre-workout compounds on Earth?

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Before we dive into the answer to the question – Are Viagra & Cialis the most potent pre-workout compounds on earth? It is important to get clear on how Viagra and Cialis work in the body and what their biological affect is on the entire body.


Viagra and Cialis are a class of compounds called PDE5 Inhibitors. They work by blocking the enzyme called phosphodiesterase type 5 or PDE5 for short. This blocking of the phosphodiesterase 5 enzyme creates a relaxation of the muscle which increases blood flow to specific areas of the body – the most known areas for increased blood flow for these compounds is the Corpus Cavernosum which is a mass of erectile tissue forming the bulk of the penis and the clitoris. PDE5 inhibitors also have a double bonus effect on vasodilation by increasing Nitric Oxide.

Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide is produced by almost every single cell in the human body and is one of the most crucial molecules for blood vessel health. Nitric Oxide is a vasodilator, which means – it relaxes the inner muscles of blood vessels, causing the vessels to widen. It therefore increases blood flow to the target muscle and lowers blood pressure. This is why compounds like Viagra were originally designed to treat hypertension (high blood pressure) and angina pectoris (a form of heart disease).

In healthy men Viagra increased sensitivity to nitroglycerin, an exogenous (created internally by the body) Nitric Oxide donor, by approximately 4 times the normal amount. Therefore if someone takes Viagra 30-60 minutes before training, there will be a 4 x increase to the Nitric Oxide system and a 4 x increase in vascularity and muscle pumps during and up to 4 hours after the training session.

Viagra Increases Muscle Protein Synthesis

There are brand new studies that have recently emerged that revealed – Viagra (sildenafil) Increases Muscle Protein Synthesis and Reduces Muscle Fatigue. This study was originally conducted to find a potential treatment for reductions in skeletal muscle functioning in the elderly. However the findings in the study conclude there are benefits of Viagra on skeletal muscle – whether the person is young or old.

The study states that Nitric Oxide influences skeletal muscle function through muscle contraction, blood flow and metabolism – all biological effects that are carried through resistance training. By adding Viagra into the system and changing the nitric Oxide signalling, this compound increases protein synthesis, alters protein expression and reduces fatigue in human skeletal muscle. In summary, what this study revealed is that PDE5 inhibitors such as Viagra (Sildenafil) and Cialis (Tadalafil) can assist in muscle creation and regeneration and increase athletic performance on a biological level.,muscle%20protein%20expression%20and%20nitrosylation.

Where to find them?

If you are looking for a high quality and cost effective source of Viagra (Sildenafil) or Cialis (Tadalafil) we have them in the Elite Sarms range!! Elite Sarms products – Hard (Sildenafil 50mg/ml) and Rise (Tadalafil 20mg/ml) are high purity, high quality sources of these compounds manufactured into a 30ml liquid product for convenience and also for increased bioavailability (the bodies ability to absorb the compound). We’ve also found that liquid versions of these compounds is faster acting and more potent than the tablet version and carries less side-effects which can occur like – flushing of the face, headaches or stuffy nose.
Find Hard (Sildenafil) here. And find Rise (Tadalafil) here.
We hope you enjoyed viewing Viagra and Cialis from another perspective and how the use of these compounds now and in the future will be much, much broader than just for romantic encounters. As the taboo aspect of these PDE5 ingredients lessons and the public gains more awareness of their biological function and potential benefits beyond the sexual functioning scope, more people will be enjoying the benefits of these fantastic compounds in the health and fitness arenas – taking their athletic performance, workouts and physique results to new levels with them.

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What Elite Sarm To Use To Achieve Your Goals?

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The popularity of SARMs steadily increases as a class of supplement for athletes and bodybuilders aiming to improve their physique, boost performance, and accelerate recovery. In previous Elite Sarms blogs we zeroed in on why fitness individuals are turning away from ‘the juice’ and are gearing (mind the pun) more towards SARMs primarily because of their impressive safety profile combined with SARMs’ ability to deliver the results the athlete is aiming for. People are always going to choose anabolics over Sarms to achieve the results they are aiming for that is just a fact. The truth of the matter is, people are beginning to recognise Sarms for their ability to deliver results, regardless of the fact its impossible to shut down the HPTA on 100% pure Sarms.

SARMs are a novel group of compounds originally developed to target conditions like osteoporosis and muscle wasting. The studies demonstrated these benefits, but what made SARMs a growing favourite among health and fitness lovers is its effects on the physique of healthy subjects.

There are various types of SARMs available, therefore in this guide we will help you get a better understanding of the differences between each Sarm. If you want to make the right selection, and buy the SARMs that’s best-suited for your health goals and lifestyle needs, read on…


MK-2866 is also known as Decavar, Ostarine, or GTx-024. It was initially designed to mimic the action of testosterone and treat muscle wasting from various chronic conditions. Studies showed that MK-2866 can significantly enhance physical function and lean muscle mass in elderly women and men. Trials show that Ostarine may also increase bone density and prevent bone loss in subjects with osteoporosis.

Ostarine’s Main Benefits:

MK-2866 is easily one of the best SARMs for lean muscle gain and accelerated recovery. Since powerlifting, body building and other intensive workout regimens can heighten the risk of muscle injuries and/or bone fractures, consider include Decavar to your daily stack to mitigate the risk of injury and develop more lean muscle. Find Ostarine here


RAD-140, known as Tight® in the Elite Sarms range is one of the most potent SARMs, making it an optimal candidate if you want to bulk up and build muscle fast. Initial studies on the compound reveal RAD-140 increases lean body mass while decreasing body fat in a similar fashion to the anabolic testosterone.
Research also research confirms that RAD-140 binds particularly well to the androgen receptors in bone and muscle but blocks androgen receptors in the prostate and breasts, decreasing the risk of prostate and breast cancerTight® could also boost brainpower where lab results demonstrate a reduction in brain cell death caused by aging.

RAD140’s Main Benefits:

Tight’s® reliable and consistent muscle-building abilities are among the best if you’re in a building phase of your training right now. This is the SARM for you if you have been on countless Anabolic cycles in the past and particularly concerned with your prostate health. Or if you’re someone who’s equally passionate in augmenting your brain as you develop your body, then Rad-140 may be the best SARM suited for you. Read here about Tights brain boosting abilities hereFind RAD140 here


LGD-4033, known as Physique 400® in the ES range or Lingadrol, is one of the most researched SARMs and has undergone numerous human trials with promising results. It is even considered by many athletes as the “King of all SARMs” with massive increases in skeletal muscles in just a few cycles.

LGD-4033 boasts high selectivity when it bonds to androgen-receptive cells in the body, opting for those in muscles and bones. In just 3 weeks, participants also showed increased leg press strength and stair-climbing power. Dosages ranged from just 0.1 up to 10mg/day, establishing its ultra-high potency even at the 0.1mg daily dosage.

LGD-4033’s Main Benefits

Testosterone is the driving force behind many beneficial body processes, from muscle building to increased physical function. Physique 400® closely mimics testosterones properties in terms of muscle creation and protein synthesis making it a titan for muscle-bulking. It is even recommended for female athletes however at much smaller dosages from 1-5mg/day, since due to natural hormone make-up, females tend to build muscle at a relatively slower pace. Similarly, if you are looking to bulk up, the potent capacity of LGD-4033 to increase lean muscle volume makes it a viable choice for you. Find LGD-4033 here

S4 Stanazine

S4​, more popular as Stanazine® in the ES range or Andarine, is a selective androgen receptor modulator that ranks among the best SARMs for cutting. On top of improving muscle and strength gains, S4 can aid with fat loss also. Bigger, leaner muscles with significant fat loss should be your main goal if you want that sought-after “cut” look. Stanazine® is also ideal if you want to transition from a bulking to a cutting cycle without losing your hard-earned gains

S4’s Main Benefits

Stanazine® is known for its muscle protecting abilities especially during a fasting or a cutting cycle. It is also your best choice when completing a Body Recomposition (build muscle while burning fat) protocol since research studies support its ability to strengthen bones and increase lean muscles, even during a calorie-deficit. If you also experience joint problems, S4 is excellent at keeping joints hydrated thus maintaining your joint and bone strength and lowering your risk of injury. Find S4 here.
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Nootropics 101 – How to build a better brain

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Your brain is the main interface between you and your entire universe. How you perceive, respond, and act are the results of intricate biochemical processes that take place inside your brain.

Nootropics have come onto the scene in a big way only in the past 5 years. 10 years ago the word Nootropic would not even be recognised by the average person. But since the movie Limitless came out – everyone opened up to the possibility that there is a compound or a combination of compounds that could allow us to access the other 90% of our brain that is laying dormant – waiting for humanity to bring about the activation of it. Could supplementation and nootropics be the doorway to this happening? Lets find out…

A true nootropic enhances brain function in diverse ways, offering cognitive benefits that stretch far beyond your basic memory pill. Without a doubt, by boosting diverse aspects of the brain’s capacity, true nootropics offer a unique advantage by enhancing virtually every aspect of your life – regardless of who you are, and what you do.

Nootropics have many benefits not only for our brain, but also for the central nervous system as a whole, which the brain is intricately connected to. These compounds boost neurotransmitters, enhance brain energy, improve cerebral circulation, and facilitate the regeneration of neurons.

The question remains, with the plethora of smart supplements flooding today’s market, which of these nootropic compounds afford the most benefit that translate to better mental performance and better overall brain health? Basically, what works and what doesn’t?

This article explores only the research-based advantages of different nootropic agents, and how they can help someone achieve optimum brain performance.

The Top Smart Supplements and how they work

1. Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri – Bacopa was proven effective in easing anxiety while sharpening mental performance minus sedating side effects. This makes Bacopa an ideal supplement for students studying for exams or anyone who needs to pull an all-nighter to beat a deadline. It is a staple memory-booster because it helps slow down the rate at which the brain forgets newly learned knowledge.

2. Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Lion’s Mane Mushroom – Assists with Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), crucial in brain structure, nerve-protecting myelination and in nerve repair. This mechanism may also explain its clinically shown benefits for bright, balanced mood. This mushroom has neurogenesis-inducing effects , which scientists believe, is associated with its antidepressant and anxiolytic properties.

3. Citicoline

Citicoline – One study demonstrated how Citicoline could boost brain energy metabolism by increasing energy reserves and utilization. It is also shown to increase the amount of essential phospholipid membrane components needed to synthesize and maintain cell membranes in the brain. Another research illustrated its neuroprotective effects by accelerating brain regeneration and optimizing brain cell structure.

4. Rhodiola Rosea 

Rhodiola Rosea – Rhodiola is popularly known to increase brain ATP energy and minimize stress-induced fatigue. Proanthocyanidin, a type of phenolic compound found in the roots of Rhodiola has potent antioxidant activities believed to prevent neuro-inflammation and fight off oxidative stress in the CNS.

Multi-tasking Nootropics

If you are the kind of person who seeks to achieve peak physical performance as much as you endeavor in optimizing your brainpower, these cutting-edge supplements will give you the unparalleled benefits you’re looking for:

1. Cardio Shred® Cardarine (GW0742)– It is a PPARδ receptor agonist that mainly stimulates the body’s catabolic pathways experienced during a Cardiovascular workout. It facilitates the breakdown of fat cells, converting them into energy to fuel the body during physical training while using glucose stores to build and develop lean muscles.

Studies in lab mice also demonstrate that Cardarine induces PPARβ/δ activation to alleviate related mental deficits caused by Alzheimer’s disease. This is mediated by increasing fatty acid oxidation in brain astrocytes, which in turn improves cognition.

2. TIGHT® (RAD140)– Among athletes and fitness individuals with a main focus on physique building, RAD 140 is a favorite supplement because it has the anabolic properties of testosterone minus the hassles that go hand in hand with roids. One of the most potent Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs), it augments lean muscle development without affecting any other androgen sensitive organs outside of muscles, bones and connective tissues.

Having said this, a recent study has shown RAD- 140’s neuroprotective properties in older male subjects, by increasing brain cell growth, and protecting brain nerves against injury from amyloid-beta plaques and other neurotoxins.
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Hacking with Carbs for Better Physique and Performance

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Over the past few years, biohacking has skyrocketed into fame, and has become a trending topic when it comes to body transforming. If you are not familiar with the term biohacking, itis the process of incorporating scientifically proven techniques in a person’s everyday routine to positively effect ones body and biology to look better, feel better and live longer.

For this article, we are going to look closely into Carbohydrates (yes, Carbs!), and we can use this essential nutrient as a biohacking tool to:

1. Improve Athletic performance

2. Increase Energy and Stamina

3. Accelerate Muscle Growth

Believe it or not, with all the buzz that Keto and Paleo diets have received, Carbohydrates still remain as be the best fuel for the body’s engine. The crucial point is knowing the right carbs to take, and the right time to take them for better athletic performance.

FACT: Carbohydrates are the essential energy source during high intensity exercise such as weight training. If you are looking to burn more fat, you still need Carbs to perform your highest facilitate the body’s metabolism of fat molecules for energy.

Carbohydrates and Athletic Performance

Athletes need plenty of carbohydrates before, during and after exercise because it is the fuel that the muscles use when doing any version of short duration, higher intensity work basically anything that isn’t solely cardio that goes for under 1.5 hours. While fats present as an alternative source of energy, the body generates energy mainly from glucose (carbs) to supply energy into the cells particularly during high intensity training.

Have you heard the saying, fats burn in a carbohydrate flame? Simply put, carbohydrates need to be present in order to completely break down fats that will result in the release of energy.

This is the process of how fat is actually burnt during exercise:

Part 1. Pyruvate is formed as a product of glucose metabolism.

Part 2. Fat attaches to pyruvate in the cell’s mitochondria to fire up metabolism.

Part 3. When the body lacks carbohydrates, it turns to muscle tissues as energy source.

So if your diet lacks carbohydrates, the body produces less pyruvate and fat has nowhere to attach to for it to be metabolized, and will halt the body’s fat-burning capacity. If the body is depleted of carbohydrates, critical amino acids are stripped out of protein from muscle tissues to be converted into the body’s fuel. The instant that muscle tissue is decreased, the body’s metabolic rate substantially slows down, and muscle growth and repair is also negatively effected.

Athletes Need Carbohydrates Before, During and After Exercise

Before a training session, ‘top off the tank’ with some low-fat, high-carb foods to help maintain blood sugar during training. A pre-exercise meal serves two purposes for the training athlete:

1. It keeps you from feeling hungry before and during exercise, and

2. It maintains optimal levels of energy for the exercising muscles.

Low-fat and low fiber foods are best to help avoid any stomach upset while foods containing fat and fiber delay digestion time, so they’re best left for consuming after exercise.

During activity, consume 6 to 12 ounces of a sports drink with 6-8% carbohydrate concentration during exercise. Sports drinks are designed to provide much needed fluids and the right amount of carbohydrates to ensure that the muscles receive adequate amounts of energy (about 30-60 grams for the first couple of hours).

Note: Sports drinks should not be confused with “energy” drinks. Sports drinks are beverages that contain electrolytes and carbohydrates and potentially amino acids. Sports drinks contain mainly sugar and artificial stimulant.

After a workout, most of the stored glycogen have been expended and the muscles are craving carbs, so refuelling with carbs is a smart move as they’ll be taken up readily by the muscles and stored away in the muscles for the next workout. Load up on higher fiber carbs post workout along with protein for faster recovery and energy repletion.

The Best Supplement for Optimum Energy Release

Cardarine (GW-0742) is a great supplement for athletes since it works as a PPAR Receptor Agonist. For those who are not familiar with PPARs, they are transcription nuclear factors found in various tissues of our body and play important roles in metabolic processes, such as regulation of glucose (sugars) uptake into muscle and lipid (fat) breakdown. One study showed that GW0742 has the ability to improve glucose homeostasis in diabetic rats through activation of PPAR-δ.

Another benefit of Cardarine (GW-0742) is that it also regulates cellular metabolic functions which are especially important in fatty acid uptake, transportation, and β-oxidation. These are all key processes to sustain stamina during rigorous physical training, but also vital if you want to shred fat while building muscles. Moreover, as an Exercise-mimetic, researches show that Cardarine can enhance training adaptation or even pre-program the skeletal muscles with Oxidative Fibers to that of a trained athlete. What does this mean?

Oxidative fibers rely on aerobic respiration to fuel muscle contractions, and consist of slow-twitch (Type I) fibers, which are muscles with long contraction duration, and are associated with endurance. Therefore, an increase in this type of muscle fibers essentially means improved physical endurance.
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Body Re-comping Secrets You Need To Know (part 1)

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Looking to achieve a sharp and well-defined physique? If you want to get ripped, have rock-hard abs, and the like, you need to be lean all over — usually under 12% body fat if you’re male and below 16% body fat if you’re female (and not pregnant!). And if you’re thinking that countless hours of cardio and hundreds of reps of crunches will do the trick, spoiler alert – It Wont! Lets instead looks into the science of body re-composition, because you know we love science here at Elite Sarms – and no we aren’t talking bro science, we are talking medical publications and physically applied principles by our body research team – training and trialing new systems daily to bring you this practical content. Stay with us on this one, its longer than usual but it’s totally worth it if you want to look your best in 2021 and beyond.

Body recomposition presents unique challenges, but it mainly comes down to how you incorporate the goal into your lifestyle. We are talking about; the right nutrition, an intelligent and sufficient to your goals supplementation program, a consistent training regimen and a focused mind with a clearly defined end-state. This will allow the body to undergo the bio-scientific transformation where it burns fat and builds muscle at the same time – a feat only achievable with the correct training and nutrition principles applied.

This guide will outline a piece of the science, pinpoint common traps, and outline the no-nonsense techniques behind effective Re-comping to help you get started on the right path.

How the Human Body Works

During physical training, the body’s main source of fuel is sourced from muscle glycogen. Glycogen is the carbohydrate stored in skeletal muscle which produces ATP production that powers up your muscles to do the work during physical exercise – in particular, resistance training.

As you training sessions increase in intensity (which should be your goal each training session given you are in full health and full immunity), your muscles utilise the glycogen and generate lactic acid and hydrogen (H+) ions as by-products. When the lactic acid and H+ ions build up, the pH of the blood around the muscles drop creating an acidic environment that prevents the muscles from contracting further. That is what is commonly referred to as ‘reaching failure’, where you have to stop between sets, just enough to allow these by-products to be metabolised.

As you progress with regular training throughout the week, your muscles eventually become depleted of muscle glycogen. Also keep in mind that over time of high intensity exercise and resistance training, your body accumulates cortisol, a hormone that is secreted in response to physical stress. Cortisol is mainly catabolic, meaning it is a muscle-destroying hormone.

Glycogen depletion plus prolonged exposure to excess cortisol levels equals fatigue and muscle loss. If that’s the case, you might think, what’s the use of having a consistent training routine? That’s just half of the story, because it is where the role of Nutrition and Good Supplementation comes into the equation. The reason not everyone who hits the gym can achieve the goal of burning fat and building muscle is because this balancing act of muscle building and muscle breakdown, along with cortisol rising and cortisol falling is always happening throughout each training session with intensity. It’s knowing these factors and balancing them with tact that will help one reach this god-like state 😉

A Tactical Approach

A portion of our daily carbohydrates intake is allotted to the resupply of this muscle glycogen. The question remains: What type of carbs are directed into muscle tissues to be stored as glycogen? And what carbs just contribute to gaining fat?


Complex carbohydrates, when ingested and metabolised, gives a much larger ration of glucose molecules to muscle tissues to be stored as glycogen – we are talking sweet potatoes, basmati rice, oats, more examples later.… While simple and refined sugars are absorbed very quickly into the blood stream, with excess amounts being stored into fat cells. Starchy vegetables are great in replenishing glycogen stores because they are not only rich in complex carbohydrates; they also contain a lot of fiber. I will discuss in a minute why this is important.

Complex carbohydrates refer mainly to starchy vegetables such as: Squash, yucca, taro root, and yams. A half-cup (64 grams), cooked serving of any of these veggies offers 15 grams of complex starch carbohydrates. Your digestive tract will quickly convert the starch into glucose to fuel the muscles and subsequently the body, and deposit the rest as glycogen in the muscle just trained.

The high fiber content results in an even slower rise in blood glucose and insulin levels, an effect that can last for hours after eating. Research shows that lower blood insulin levels are associated with greater oxidation of fatty acids during exercise and reduced degradation of muscle glycogen– both important factors in fat burning and muscle building.

It is noteworthy to say that after strenuous exercise that depletes the body’s fuel stores, early intake of carbohydrate is essential because it provides an immediate source of replenishment to the muscle, while also taking advantage of the increased insulin sensitivity to drive the carbs into skeletal muscle. If you were to have a daily cheat meal – scientifically speaking directly after an intense resistance training session would be the best time to have it, as the muscles are hanging for a source of carbohydrate to replenish the used up glycogen, a simple sugar will supply that need very fast and effectively, just don’t go overboard or you’ll store the extra sugar as fat! You’ll have to experiment with your own body to find your perfect post-workout carb feed to know what is best for YOU!

The big challenge in Body Re-comping is the individual requires a restricted or calorie-deficit diet to induce a fat-burning state, while sustaining the body’s strength and conditioning for a consistent workout routine and capacity to gain muscle mass. Unless one goes on a calorie maintenance daily intake and uses a product such as Decavar (MK2866), Stanazine (S4) or Hyper Lean (SR9009) – these are all great Re-composition tools to put in your supplement arsenal to be successful in your re-composition mission.

Optimising Advanced Scientific Supplementation

If you find it tough to eat below your daily caloric requirement, maximising the benefits of proper supplementation may just be your lifesaver as far as re-comping goes.

These supplements will not only facilitate fat loss, they are also designed toward directing glucose particles to fuel and develop muscle tissues instead of your food intake being converted into fat deposits. Cardarine GW-0742 is a PPAR-δ agonist, which regulates fat oxidation, ultimately used in gluconeogenesis, which in turn promotes skeletal muscle growth.

Supplements that improve Insulin Sensitivity are a vital component in the body transformation mission. Magnesium is a proven natural insulin sensitizer, efficiently improving insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance. Alpha Lipoic Acid is another supplement to further research for insulin sensitisation. ALA is an important antioxidant that lowers triglyceride (fat) accumulation in skeletal muscle by activating AMPK to optimize insulin function and enhance nutrient storage.

Another factor to focus on for body recomping is to increase your metabolic rate by facilitating the pathways the body use to burn calories. Supplements such as Hyperlean SR9009 prevents the storage of fat tissue by improving glucose and fatty acid oxidation to support skeletal muscle development. This REV-ERB α and β agonist fires up your metabolic rate to break down fatty deposits while simultaneously increasing lean muscle bulk. And this peoples is part I of Body Re-composition and direct application into your lifestyle regime. Take it onboard and physically apply it, or don’t either way you now know Part I of Elite Sarms re-comping science.

Stay tuned for next weeks conclusion about the story of your body…….

In part 2 of this article, we will explore:

1. The Art and Science of Carb Cycling

2. Carb Cycling on Motivation and Other Benefits

3. How to Use your Cheat Meals to Burn fat

4. The 2-type Carbohydrate Protocol

5. Exercise Intensity and Volume during a Recomp

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Elite Sarms Guide to High Level Athletic Performance

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Aside from your basic abilities in agility, strength, control, and endurance, if you want to take your athletic performance to the next level, having a solid plan that incorporates training, nutrition, supplementation and recovery is required in order for you to be a healthier, fitter and stronger athlete. Becoming a high performing athlete doesn’t happen by accident. It takes some planning.

Moreover, you need an easy to follow program to gain the most competitive edge when it comes to you versus you.

If you desire to master your particular sport, physique or physical endeavor has landed you here right now, then read on… Our simple Intel tips may just be the answer to help you go that next level you’ve been seeking to hit and truly excel athletically. 

Training Habits You Can Adopt from Professional Athletes

Schedule Training sessions 3 or More per Week

To be the best you, why not follow some of the protocol of your favorite athletes. You’re a professional or semi-pro, it is understandable to train every day because it is kinda your job. If you fall under organizational or recreational sports, however, take a page from the experts by training at least 3x a week. This creates good habits for strategic training, allowing you to master your moves, challenge various body parts in different sessions, while giving them ample rest and recovery time.

Improve your Mental Toughness

Pro-athletes have the ability to dig deep, so they can push through mental barriers that impede performance whether they’re on training or when competing. There are many techniques you can try depending on your preference. You can try NLP [Neuro-linguistic programming], Self-talk, Hypnosis or even hire a mental coach! Whichever you end up using, study findings  show that psychological resilience have protective factors on athletic individuals in withstanding the pressures  and stressors that they experience during training and competition.

Avoid Training Too Hard Too Often

Current fitness programs have latched on all things HIIT. While high intensity workout sessions serve a purpose on your training plan, it cannot be your sole focus. Athletes can employ high-intensity training periodically to improve cardiovascular function, but not too often since it can go the opposite way and increase injury risk and raise stress hormone levels.

Nutrition Advice to Increase Your Competitive Edge

Strategic Carb Loading

Stop seeing carbs are the enemy and start using carbs to your advantage. Did you know that every person you see right now on Instagram that you believe looks in top shape eat carbs. They have to to fuel their muscle because muscle actually has around 70% of carbs stored within them the rest being up from proteins such as connective tissue, bone mineral, blood and cellular material. The difference is, they know when to take them and what kinds will yield them the greatest athletic performance or physique results. Carbs are an athlete’s main fuel. Period. Your body changes them to glucose, and stores it in your muscles as glycogen. During training, your muscles convert glycogen into energy. According to Sports dietitian Joy Dubost, PhDCarbohydrate loading for 3 or 4 days before an athletic event can help top up your glycogen stores. Reload on carbohydrates after intensive exercise, too. Since you don’t need quick energy, it’s best to choose complex carbohydrates like veggies and whole grains.

Optimize your Protein Intake

Energy and protein needs vary depending on the intensity and frequency of athletic training. The US and Canadian Dietetic Association  recommend 1.2 to 1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day for athletes, depending on training. Protein intake should be spaced throughout the day and consumed after workouts to accelerate muscle repair.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Intense exercise, especially in hot weather, can quickly leave you dehydrated. Lack of fluids, in turn, can hurt your performance and, in extreme cases, threaten your life. Restoring fluids maintains normal muscle function, helps prevent a decline in physical performance and reduces the risk of heat stress.

Top Supplements for Your Competitive Edge


Athletes, pro and leisure alike, are familiar with the effects of Creatine as a nutritional aid for sports performance. Red meat and seafood are rich in Creatine, but it is also available as a supplement.Studies demonstrate that supplementing with creatine can increase muscle mass and improve strength when a person combines it with strength training.


Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic herb, widely popular as an adrenal tonic and testosterone booster. An effective adaptogenic, A 2015 study has proven the herb’s  augmenting effects on endurance in healthy athletic men and women.Subjects who received the root extract showed a significant increase in physical endurance after 8 and 12 weeks of treatment compared to the control group.

Cardio Shred® (GW0742)

Cardio Shred® (GW0742) stimulates the biochemical pathways initiated when a person undergoes a cardiovascular workout. A Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR) agonist, Cardio Shred breaks down fats and utilize fatty acids to fuel the body, power up the mitochondria of muscle fibers, thus enhancing physical endurance and delaying exhaustion.

Researches show that PPARs have a positive association with the potential to achieve elite status in human physical performance in strength and power, team, and aerobic sports.  Specific agonists like Cardio Shred® (GW0742) activate these genes, and may bring a beneficial effect to achieving maximum sports status. Pro-Tips on Athletic Recovery

Cryotherapy. Have you watched a video of an athlete diving into an ice bath? It’s not some kind of spoof, athletes do it for real!  It may look horrible, but they actually make it to accelerate their recovery to allow them to train harder and faster sooner. Cryotherapy chambers operate at -110°C to -190°C temperatures, which sports and fitness buffs expose themselves to for just a few minutes. This helps them recover from the day’s rigorous training session –including a reduction of systemic inflammation and lowering concentrations of markers for muscle cell damage.

Contrast Water Therapy

Contrast bath therapy comprises alternating cycles of submerging in very warm water and very cold water. The body’s exposure to changing intervals of extreme temperature stimulates the contraction and dilation of the blood vessels and stimulates the body’s circulation.

Lab studies found that contrast bath therapy may help reduce muscle soreness post-workout, facilitating to offset the negative effects of strenuous exercise.
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RAD 140 – Testosterone and Muscle Building

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Testosterone levels usually peak around adolescence and early adulthood. During this period, gains in muscle mass and strength are easy and at their optimum potential. You may have a full mane of thick, luscious hair, a nonstop sex drive and a relentless motivation that can take on anything you put your mind to.

But, as we age, our hormone levels steadily decline which typically starts around 30 years old. As you begin to notice the changes that become more apparent with growing older, you begin searching for ways to hold onto the aptitude and youthful vitality you once had. But exactly what are the signs and symptoms to be aware of for when testosterone levels begin to drop? And is it possible to avoid these symptoms and delay the effects of ageing hormone levels?

Continue reading to find out…

Countless studies have been conducted in the pursuit of reversing the ageing process. And while scientists search for effective modalities to achieve perpetual youth, the signs and symptoms of ageing remain to be the same. Typical changes that occur as a result of diminishing hormones and in particular the decline of testosterone include:

1. Physical changes. This includes a reduction in muscle bulk and strength, increased body fat, and decreased bone density. Lowered energy and stamina. Swollen or tender breasts otherwise known as – gynecomastia and hair loss.

2. Changes in sexual function. A relevant decrease in sexual desire, fewer spontaneous erections, and infertility can eventuate.

3. Altered Moods. Diminishing testosterone can also lead to a drop in motivation, and a drop in self-esteem. Lack of focus and trouble remembering things. And irritable and/or depressed moods.

If you’ve been looking around at the anti-aging industry in hopes of dodging the perils of dropping test levels, you may be familiar with testosterone therapy. You may have heard it’s reported benefits of renewed strength and instant vitality. It may seem common sense – if testosterone drops as you age, just replace it with the hormone itself. While Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) sounds promising, it is equally vital to know the risks also.

According to an article by Mayo Clinic, Testosterone therapy has various risks, including:

For many, the decrease in testicle size and weight and the complete shut down of natural testosterone production usually steers regular gym goers away from testosterone and its derivatives. But what if there was a compound that could offer the benefits of testosterone without shutting down natural test and keeping testical size and weight the same??? Enter RAD140.

RAD 140: The future of Androgen therapy?

So far, you’ve learned the importance of Testosterone and its impact on man’s physiology. You’ve also been shown that while TRT may help reverse the effects of male ageism, there is solid proof that recipients of this modality are susceptible to serious side effects also.

Fortunately, there’s a new class of investigational compounds called selective androgen receptor modulators, or SARMs, which have the same benefits of the testosterone hormone WITHOUT the side effects. These novel compounds are highly selective and only interact with the androgen receptors of muscles, bones and other connective tissues of the musculoskeletal system. This explains why SARMs don’t have any adverse effects on the liver, prostate, heart and organs that are likely to suffer when using synthetic anabolics.

RAD140, also known as Testolone or Tight® in the Elite Sarms range, has fast become a favorite among bodybuilders, athletes and biohackers because it is one of the strongest SARMs up to date and is comparative to the strong anabolic effects of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) when it comes to increasing muscle mass.

It is now being used as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy in men with low testosterone levels, without the hazards for developing benign prostatic hypertrophy or accelerating the progression of existing prostate cancer.

We have established the anabolic, energy- promoting and anti-aging impacts of RAD-140 and how they’re almost identical to testosterone. What is also exceptional about this compound is that because of its impressive safety profile, some synthetic anabolic users will stack RAD 140 with smaller amounts of testosterone to reinforce the effects of testosterone without the side effects.

Lastly, we need to note RAD140’s amazing neuroprotective properties. In older male subjects, cognitive decline was shown to be associated with diminished testosterone circulating in the blood. This is supported by studies that exhibit testosterone’s important role in protecting the brain. Testosterone and RAD140 can increase brain cell growth, improve memory, and decrease amyloid-beta build-up. Please note that Amyloid-beta plaques are among the main causes of Alzheimer’s disease. In a separate study, RAD140 protected brain nerves against injury from amyloid-beta plaques. Additionally, RAD140 and testosterone were equally effective at protecting against neurotoxins.

To find out more about RAD140 known as Tight® in the Elite Sarms range you can check it out here. Thank you for reading 🙂
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Elite SARMS – non-toxic sports supplements

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We have uncovered the latest and most effective non-toxic sports supplements which have taken the US and AUS market by storm; SARMS. The name SARMS stands for ‘Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators’ – For many reasons, this product is quite simply one of the greatest discoveries in the fitness industry to date.

Elite Sarms Info

The key point being that they are selective, meaning they specifically target the muscles, body fat, bone and connective tissue with no conversion to estrogen, meaning they are perfect for athletes looking to take their body and performance to the next level.